Tobin Lake Ranks as One of the Top Fishing Spots in North America.

Tobin Lake Fishing Report

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Fishing Season open May 15, 2024 to March 31, 2025 in Tobin Lake area
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Tobin Lake has been ranked as the best Walleye lake in the world by "In-Fisherman" Magazine & Television Network. The lake has held many records with the previous Saskatchewan record Walleye at 18 lbs. 6oz. Northern Pike fishing is also great! The largest caught (on fly-fishing gear) was a 46" with the largest caught to date of 38 lb.


If you’re looking to catch your 10lb+ trophy fish, Tobin Lake could help you fulfill your vision. Tobin offers Perch, Pike, Sturgeon, and Walleye (Pickerel).

fishing Tobin Lake, SKTobin was formed in 1963 with the damming of the Saskatchewan River, and quickly became known as a hot spot for big walleye and other big catches. By 1978 this fame had taken its toll on the lake. Tobin handled this by implementing strict slot limits. Since then the lake has made an outstanding revival, seeing unprecedented numbers of monster fish. The provincial record walleye for open water and the world record ice walleye were caught here.

fishing Tobin Lake, SK

Tobin Lake is known for monster walleye (it still holds the SK record of 18lb 4.8oz set in 2005), but it’s technically the Saskatchewan River portion of the prairie reservoir that entices most trophy hunters, which includes the 19 kilometres between the François-Finlay Dam and the lake proper. As the fall season approaches, the mighty fish of Tobin Lake are making their way into the river to fatten up before winter turns the lake into an ice fisher’s dream. All season long is great for fishing at Tobin Lake, but the biggest fish are caught in October.




huntingSaskatchewan is blessed with abundant wildlife, fish and undisturbed wilderness just waiting to be explored by locals and visitors alike. East central Saskatchewan is easily accessible by vehicle and has all the necessary amenities for an unforgettable wilderness adventure.

Tobin Lake and East Central Saskatchewan are home to hundreds of thousands of wooded acres and forested land, rivers and trophy fishing lakes. Tobin lake area also hosts world class hunting opportunities for Saskatchewan species such as white tail deer, elk, moose, black bear, upland and migratory game birds.hunting

We're right in the heart of monster black bear country, elk herds in the hundreds and when you see that bull moose standing in a clearing or on the shoreline for your first time, that's guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Few animals in North America will ever be able to match the size, strength or majestic awe when you see one of these animals up close.

Rusty Hook Enterprises is not a licensed outfitter for guiding but if you're a self guided hunter, hiker or eco tourism, our cabins, store and location will put you right in the middle of all of it. Stay with Rusty Hook to catch your next best Trophy hunt.

Download the SK Hunters and Trappers Guide here. This guide provides an up-to-date listing of the bag limits, season dates, wildlife management zones, regulations, new programs and other relevant information for hunters and trappers.

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